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Unique Vision’s Colorful History

June 6th, 2014

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Unique Vision Center

Unique Vision Center started off as a humble optical shop in Chinatown in 1965, founded and run by Dr. Vicenta and Mr. Wilson Ong. They aimed to provide the best personal quality eye care service in the Philippine industry, and have stayed true to this goal to this day. With hard work, dedication, passion, and teamwork, their small shop eventually grew as a business, establishing the head office in Binondo and putting up clinics all over Luzon to cater to the ocular needs of countless satisfied patients over the years.

 Their vision? To improve their patients’. Unique Vision aims to become the number one provider of the highest standards of service in the optical industry in the Philippines.

Their mission? To offer the most competitive service and products to provide the needs and exceeding expectations of their clients. They also aim to offer the best lifestyle retail experience through high level of customer service and a safe, nurturing, and organized environment.

Unique Vision places utmost importance in the specific needs of their patients, catering to each one’s unique demands and wants. They value quality over quantity both in their products and in maintaining close personal relationship with their patients as opposed to just trying to make a sale. They recognize the importance of eyesight as more than just a commodity, and that eyewear is more than just for helping you see – eyewear is both an accessory and a crucial part of the wearer, hence should suit their lifestyle in the best way possible.

9Five Sunglasses

Thus, Unique Vision makes sure to provide a wide selection of products. Rather than focusing on one type of clientele, they cater to the young, the old, the intellectual, the sporty, the stylish, and whoever else can benefit from eyewear. In order to do this, they have partnered with only the top brands in the industry, including but not limited to: Calvin Klein, Ray-Ban, Gucci, TAGHeuer, Silhouette, 9Five, Burberry and more.

In addition to frames, Unique Vision gives their patients the option to choose instead from a variety of contact lenses, a popular choice amongst the youth. Monthly disposable, conventional, or colored, just name your preference. Of course, they also provide the necessary optical accessories for maintaining your eyewear of choice, such as lens cleaners, saline solution, nose pads, cases, sports straps, et c.

To date, Unique Vision Center has over six branches all over Luzon and will hopefully expand further to be able to reach more patients. Stay updated by following them on twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or the official website.

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