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Goals and Standard of Service

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Unique Goals

  1. To become the preferred retailer in the frames and lenses segmaent that cater to the UVC target market segment.
  2. To proactively engage the competition with superior levels of customer service schemes and promotions.
  3. To offer the best lifestyle retail experience throught an organized and easy to shop environment, high level of customer service, and convenience of access

Unique Standard of Service

We always believe in providing excellent customer service proben by the loyalty and satisfaction of our clients.  This is achieced through our team of experienced and dedicated managers, optometrists, opticians and contologists.


Unique Technology

We revolutionized the trend of optical industries in the Philippines by introducing the first computer eye examination made possible by the Acuity equipment previously only used to measure the eyes of  NASA astronauts. Our spirit of innovation has grown stronger through the years as we continue to revolutionize industry.

Unique Community Involvement

Unique believes in active involvement in the community we are a part of.  With that, we conduct free eye check up at various schools and institutions regularly.  We also actively support health and wellness programs, sight saving projects, and seminars.  We believe these factors are crucial in having an impact and making a difference in people’s lives through good sight.