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5 Impressive Eyeglasses in Ancient Times

One of the most useful things we have that we take for granted is our eyewear. Even people with 20-20 vision have acknowledged its importance, whether it’s your typical glasses or the differently coloured contact lenses. But did you know that eyewear has been around since the 1st century? And while some of these ancient […]

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Unique Vision Center was established in 1965 with the vision of providing the highest standards of service to the growing optical and eyeglass needs of the Philippine market, concurrent to the international optical industry standards.


Our mission is to become number one in providing the highest standards of service in the optical industry by offering the most competitive service and products, not only to meet the needs of our clients but to exceed their expectations.


We always believe in providing excellent customer service proven by the loyalty and satisfaction of our clients. This is achieved through our team of experienced and dedicated managers, optometrists, opticians and contologists.

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