/**/ Unique Vision Goes Sleek With TooInch 2"

Unique Vision Goes Sleek With TooInch 2″

May 28th, 2014

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Tired of old, boring frames? Are you in need of eyewear but refuse to wear glasses because you’re not too fond of how they look on your face?

It’s actually pretty ironic how many people who actually need glasses would rather wear contact lenses, while those who don’t necessarily need them wear frames to look stylish. The latter may look cooler but are usually made with cheap plastic, hence will easily break if the plastic lenses they come with are replaced with graded ones.

There are glasses that are functional and glasses that are fashionable – TooInch frames are both.

The TooInch series features frames that were made specifically for teenagers, young adults, and anyone else trendy enough to wear them.

It incorporates aspects that inspire the young, creative minds of today’s generation such as music and art, while giving a modern intellectual vibe at the same time.

There’s a wide variety of designs to choose from, each one a far cry from all the other frames that are either mundane or tacky out in the market today.

Every TooInch frame bears the number 2, subtle enough to go unnoticed, but is a proud mark that it is part of the TooInch series.

The best thing about TooInch glasses is that they’re made to be seen. Gone are the days when you’d avoid going out in public in glasses!

With these fun designs, it will surely be one of your greatest fashion accessories, in addition to helping you see better. Now that’s practical fashion!

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