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Stunning in Specs! Make-up How-to for Girls with Glasses

July 28th, 2014

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It is somewhat inherent in every female being to be in lust with makeup at some point in their lives, maybe forever. Deep down inside every who-kind of girl we are always in a state of needing to feel darn pretty in our own way. And for some girls, makeup can really be challenging. Lots of people who struggling with makeup and feeling pretty are girls with frames! Working around your eyeglass frames is definitely tricky.

But wait! Don’t lose hope!

Your glasses reveal more than it hides

Revealing Glasses

More often than not, you’ll opt not to cover up certain areas around your eyes thinking “It probably won’t show”, “nobody would notice!” or “my glasses will hide them anyway”. Newsflash! They do appear more visible through frames, especially redness and dark circles around your eyes. That’s why concealing is a step you should not skip.

Concealing isn’t that much trouble. Avoid red toned concealers and instead one with a more yellowish undertone so as not to worsen the redness or darkness around and under your eyes. Dab your concealer on and dust foundation powder gently for that quick, no-mess fresh finish!

Natural Specs-trum slash Minimalist Chic

Minimalist Glasses

We’ll start off with the basics. Keeping it in the natural spectrum while letting that neutral-ness go bold and striking is what your inner minimalist chick should channel. So, pair a perfectly contoured face with long-lasting foundation that won’t wear-off nor smudge onto your glasses. After all, you wouldn’t want your make up to melt off your face, let alone onto your sexy specs.

The Spectacular lady’s dilemma


For a girl that has her ‘on-with-the-specs, off-with-the-specs’ moments, the ultimate dilemma: annoying-nose bridge-red-marks. THE solution: Tinted moisturizers work best in keeping your skin hydrated and making you confident enough to remove your glasses without worrying about awkward red marks left behind by your glasses


Eyebrows and Glasses

Even though your brows don’t entirely show, it is important to shape them because it is a critical factor in framing your face. Start by trimming it down to what suits you then fill it in with a color that is one shade lighter than your dark hair, or a shade darker than your light-colored hair. By defining your brows you are creating that minimalistic chic look!


Colors Glasses

One of the reasons why makeup is one of girls’ best friends is that playing and experimenting on different styles and colors, and wearing them for that matter, is exhilarating. Just like how Picasso was in love with a blank canvass and his brush, most girls are artists as well. But for a specs-wearing girl, one must be cautious in picking the colors she will wear under her eye-ccessory.

Considering that her eyeglass frames are already complementing her face, natural shades are more ideal so that your eyes could pop out through those sexy spectacles. Amount should also be considered because too much shadow might overpower your eyes and make it look heavy.

“Behind those glasses, should always be a black lining”

eyeliner glasses

Opt for lining your eyes with deep hues that will make them pop out and seem brighter. Curling your lashes and lightly coating it with creamy mascara, for a thick hold, is also a must, but defining your eyes with a simple line is always a trendy go-to. Remember, when in doubt, go for a cat eye.

Let your lips do the popping!

Lips Glasses

Feeling deprived of being able to make your eyes flirt all-out? Don’t be, for your lips will do all the talking! Put on a nice dark shade or a nice bright hue that would complement your skin tone! With a choice of bold and luscious color, your lips will complete a simple yet very sexy look.

Are there other make-up tips you’d like to share for girls who want to look sexy in specs? Let us know in the comments section below!

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