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Sights for Sore Eyes: 10 Photographs to calm your eyes

July 25th, 2014

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It isn’t easy to find peace when we’re supposed to be finishing tasks, meeting deadlines, trumping the competition (or at least trying to), and pleasing everybody (again, trying to). We barely have any time left to relax, let alone play! The world has become such a spiteful abyss, clawing at all hopes and dreams, only to leave none to the hearts of its inhabitants—or not. There’s still hope left. We can find a way for you to relax.

Try finding your own spot—somewhere quiet’s best. Then find the position that best attracts relaxation. For optimum results, sit or lie down. Put on sunglasses too, just to shut the world out. If none of these works, and your boss is still screaming inside your head, don’t go crying yet. Try eyeing these photos. They may calm your senses—yes, they’re for your eyes foremost, but just you try! They can do better! So prepare to be dazed to a complete calm.


Sight for Sore Eyes 1

Admit it: this photo tempts you to escape. It’s a simple play of elements that punches—or rather, caresses. The movement above and the emptiness below are in balance so the whole image doesn’t overwhelm. There’s also the contrast that blocks the brightness from popping out the background.


Sight for Sore Eyes 2

The colors are already cool, but in defined tones, they’re even more irresistibly calming. This photo is easy to the eyes with all the elements leading to tranquil: the colors, the sea, the sunset, and the grass.


Sight for Sore Eyes 3

Sure, the dominance of blue is relaxing. First there’s ice capping everything, and then the island as the focus below. Know what these are saying? That you should haul yourself to isolation and enjoy a day off. Oh but before that, why not fix yourself a cup of hot cocoa?


Sight for Sore Eyes 4

The softness of these colors is amazing, so that they have this power to woo your eyes and pierce your heart. It’s an almost emptiness that you know you’re glad didn’t happen. With the mountains there, an element pops, and everything works well together.


Sight for Sore Eyes 5

Makes you want to run here, doesn’t it? With it leading you to directions, your eyes can easily move through the elements in this photo. You look up because of the bamboos, and ahead following the road. Of course the colors don’t have to be explained anymore—but then again, neither does this photo, right?


Sight for Sore Eyes 6

The fish is happy! What more needs to be said? You want to smile with the fish because it is smiling, too. Of course the contrast makes it easy for you to identify where to focus on, but really, it’s the fish talking here—or smiling. Consider yourself calmed!


Sight for Sore Eyes 7

Another image that points you exactly where to focus on. This one works even if it doesn’t have a myriad of colors to show, or the usual natural elements. It’s really the bubble that holds the key to why this image is so calm: bubbles are harmless and quiet.


Sight for Sore Eyes 8The colors play well, yes, as do the elements: if you may notice, triangle is the dominant shape in this photo, as is green. There may be a lot of elements, but as they play harmoniously, the image is easily easy to the eyes.

 Sight for Sore Eyes 9

It isn’t the mist, neither is it the greens. It’s actually the combination of both, plus the hint of pink that makes this photo calm to the eyes. Studies have proven that because it isn’t too bright or too dim, pink encourages you to relax. Maybe that’s why you’d love to lie down this bed—of tulips, so please no!


Sight for Sore Eyes 10

While yellow is a color that’s known to be fatiguing to the eyes, it’s only so if it bursts with brightness. Toned down, the color yellow can actually promote cheer and comfort. And as we know, comfort is always followed by relaxation. And that’s why the deer looks tranquil in this photo—aside from that it usually is.


They say the eyes are windows to the soul. That must mean the soul’s windows to the outside are the eyes. Whatever your eyes look at, you not only see but also feel. Now that you’ve seen these photos, don’t you feel relaxed—or your eyes at least?

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