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“Shocker!” 8 Facts about Vision You Won’t Believe Are Myths

August 15th, 2014

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Your eyes are the jewels of your senses, which is why you take utmost care of them. Not that wearing eyeglasses are too much of a hassle, but you just worry that once your eyes are damaged, there is no restoring your perfect 20/20. You realize that you’re slowly becoming more paranoid, as everyone around you seems to be wearing glasses, and also because of the intricate facts about vision you’ve been hearing. You just can’t help but worry that you’re next!

But that may only be because you believe too much in what you hear. Let’s see if those facts are among these listed and exposed as what they truly are: myths.

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Don’t sit close to the TV, it damages your vision!

Sitting close to the TV or any screen does only as little as causing dry eyes syndrome—and that’s only a discomfort, not a disorder. That’s why your eyes may burn while or after viewing through the screen. It doesn’t go as far as to cause nearsightedness or any other eye disorder, although this seems to be the case.

Hey! Don’t read in low light either!

As far as that headache is concerned, yes, your little reading in the dark may have caused it. But to think that that headache is trying to say your sight’s next to suffer, well, it’s unlikely. Although your eyes strain to the lack of light and, as a result, difficulty in focusing, this doesn’t do any permanent damage at all.

Go cross your eyes and that’s going to be permanent!

Now where did this come from? It’s crazy! The intricate muscles that control your eyes, from movement to focus, are exactly like the muscles from the rest of your body. Notice that you can only flex your “guns” for some time as you soon feel fatigued and have to relax your muscles again. The same happens to the muscles of your eyes when you cross them. They get tired and return to normal after you’re done playing. It’s that simple.

Only boys can be colorblind.

Even though the estimated number of colorblind females is only less than 1% while the number arrives at 8% for males, this is proof that they do exist. See, colorblindness is an X-chromosome trait, therefore both males and females can get it. You’d think since girls have two of the chromosome, they’d be more colorblind than boys. But the case is that they only have to have both X-chromosomes carrying the colorblindness trait in order for them to be colorblind.

My parents have poor eyesight so I may have it, too.

Regarding genes and inheritance, yes, certain disorders such as glaucoma can be passed on from parents to children. And although there is risk, as far as inheritance goes, there’s still a chance that the trait will not be passed on. Children’s environments and habits still factor in whether or not their parents’ disorders will manifest in them.

It’s alright, I can have eye transplants.

What? Let’s make this clear: nobody—ever—has had an eye transplant. Once the optic nerve that connects the eyeballs to the brain is severed, it’s goodbye eyesight. But that doesn’t mean there’s no hope for the blind. What they have instead of eye transplants are corneal transplants. These, in contrast, do exist and have been showing success for years now.

Exercise is good for vision.

While exercise can reduce or eliminate problems for eye muscles, it doesn’t do anything against damaged vision, or for improving it. Other factors affect whether or not you’re going to have nearsightedness, cataracts, or any other disorder in the book. So stop rolling your eyeballs around—everyone’s watching!

Always wear your glasses or your sight’s going to worsen!

Some believe that once you go glasses, you never go back. You have to always wear your glasses or your vision isn’t going to improve—or worse: end in total blackout. This is a myth because the deterioration of your vision isn’t caused by a few minutes without your glasses; it’s actually the doing of aging.


So are the “facts” about vison that you know in this list? If they are, well consider them debunked. Now that you know the truth behind the myths, enjoy your eyes more! Go out and indulge in the sights—or just sit closer to the TV, nothing going to stop you.

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