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“Nerd Power!!” 6 Cool Cartoon Characters that Rock in Glasses

September 8th, 2014

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No one really gets too old for cartoons and some people never outgrow them. Which isn’t really a big problem, considering that most cartoons are appropriate for all ages — the older ‘children’ can appreciate the subtle adult jokes in cartoons, which usually fly over little kids’ heads. It’s a win-win situation!

Cartoons are a ways of learning for kids and can be a way to kick back and destress for adults. Of course aside from loving the show, the characters find their way to a special place in our hearts. Here are some of our favorite Cartoon Characters that rock their eyeglass frames:



Dexter is a smart little kid who keeps secret laboratory filled with high-technology gadgets in his room. The main antagonist: his sister DeeDee, who seems to enjoy spending her time annoying Dexter and destroying his things. Most of the series revolves around him trying to keep DeeDee out of his lab. Which he fails at miserably, as she always manages to find her way inside the lab despite the tight security. But DeeDee frolicking in his lab is actually merely an annoyance, and not a threat. What series is complete without an antagonist right? For Dexter, it comes in the form of a young boy who’s equally intelligent, Mandark. Dexter’s Laboratory remains one of Cartoon Network’s most successful original series with its witty and comical plot.

Velma Dinkley


Velma is the lovable brain behind the mystery-solving gang in the “Scooby Doo, Where are you?” series. She wears a nerdy glasses and an orange turtle neck sweater. Velma often solves the mystery cases by herself, but the gang isn’t completely useless; they always manage to catch the villain through teamwork. What’s funny about her is how she often loses her glasses when they’re being chased by ghosts and how she can carry the whole gang in her arms in times of trouble. Talk about adrenaline rush!


Nobita Doraemon

Nobita is a japanese character from the cartoon series Doraemon. Being the target of the bullies, Nobita was often lonely alone until Doraemon came. Doraemon is a cat-robot from the future who can get gadgets from the future through his tummy pocket. Doraemon helps Nobita like a fairy god mother by giving in to the young boy’s silly requests like getting him a time traveling device or a helicopter cap.


Simon is the tallest and most level headed from Dave’s little chipmunk boys. Simon is a genius little chipmunk that is said to have an IQ higher than Einstein! He goes around with a blue shirt, round glasses and an extremely cute face. Simon being the most mature out of the 3 chipmunks often finds himself worrying and keeping his brothers, Alvin and Theodore, out of trouble. These adorable chipmunks were first introduced in the late 1958 but up until now are still loved by the public.

Chuckie Finster

Chuckie Finster

Messy orange hair, freckles and purple glasses, Chuckie Finster is one of the Rugrats’ main characters. Although older than most of the others, Chuckie is often scared and reluctant to join Tommy and the twins in their adventures. He’s always muttering “Maybe this isn’t such a good idea” and is extremely terrified of clowns! Despite his fear he often finds courage to come through for his friends. Due to the success of the Nickolodean series, Rugrats releases 3 independents films that were equally successful.

Carl Fredicksen

Carl Fredicksen

Carl was married to the love of his life, an amazing woman name Ellie. Ever since they were little kids, they had planned to visit Paradise falls — unfortunately, she passes away before they get the chance to. Trying to fulfill his promise to Ellie, Carl decides to go to paradise falls on his own. Equipping his house with balloons, he flies his way to paradise falls but an unexpected presence changed all his plans — a little boy scout named Russel accidentally finds himself joining Carl’s trip to Paradise Falls. Things started rocky as Carl wanted nothing but to be rid of the boy but as he spent more time with Russel he found something inside of him that he lost long ago with his late wife. A warm and inspiring story about a grumpy old man who thought he lost everything when his wife died.

Cartoons may be childish and boring for some people but they’re a fun way to spend some time and bond with your kids. You might find them corny but you’d be surprised to know that animations could teach us more to life and facing challenges.

Just remember that when you or children you know are watching cartoons, always remember to maintain at least a few feet’s distance between you and the screen, and watch in a well-lit room to keep your eyes from drying out or becoming too stressed.

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