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“Mayday! Mayday!” The Don’ts of Contact Lenses

August 7th, 2014

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Contact lenses are a new way of correcting poor vision. For those unsure who are unsure about wearing eyeglasses or feel that it will not suit their lifestyle, contacts emerge as a great alternative. It may even be used for the sake of fashion, as contacts come in different colors, or practicality, as they do not fall off easily. Regardless of the reason, contact lenses offer a simple and sure way for you to see well.

But just as any product, contacts have warning labels attached to them. Sure, figuratively, but not in any way does that mean you have the choice not to follow them. Because, as we all know, or else—yes, this is where the threat comes—dire consequences may arise. So how do you properly care for your contact lenses, or for panic’s sake let’s say: what are the don’ts of contact lenses you must follow? Scroll down.

Don’t take them to bed

One, your eyes are balls. Two, contact lenses are curved. Three, your eyes move when you sleep—without your full permission. Now do the math. See, when you sleep with those magical lenses still stuck to your eyeballs and then your lids shut for hours, your lenses may tend to get lodged in the crevices of your eyes. That’s going to be a pain to remove, plus you look like you have two irises—completely normal, yeah.

Don’t wear them forever

When your doctor gives you the duration of your contacts’ stay on your eyes, listen. He isn’t talking gibberish; it’s for your own good! Following his instructions down to as simple as how long you must wear your contacts assures you don’t keep on patching an abrasion or hiding a bacteria build-up under those lenses. Good enough, I take it?

Don’t handle with unclean fingers

Your eyes are important—right?—which is why you mustn’t go putting anything in its lids without checking that the thing’s clean. Don’t and that’s a ticket to infection hell, sure as sunrise. Think about it: do you let just any bug into your house? No? Of course you don’t—infection hell.

Don’t shower them with tap water, saliva, not even eye drops that have not been recommended for you

Why? Common sense. You mean to clean but saliva and tap water may only dirty those lenses and then your eyes! And the eye drops not recommended by your doctor are not recommended for a reason he knows and you should ask. Just because a substance is liquid doesn’t mean that it and your contact lenses are meant to be.


Don’t swim or shower with them on

There are a lot of reasons why, surprisingly so. Whether fresh or swimming pool water,  there is a hundred percent chance that chemicals and bacteria are already swimming in it and may reach your supposedly clean contacts, which, in a not-so-surprising turn of events, may burrow in your eyeballs. What is this man-made phenomenon called? Inviting infection. But wait, there’s more! Your contacts may or may not get dislodged and cause an irritation—depends on your luck, really.

Don’t rent them out

Would you share your retainers? No? Case closed.

Don’t over-air your eyes

You do want to pop your Corvette’s roof open, but you cannot—please don’t—think your eyelids may stay as open. If the wild world’s free particles making their way onto your eyes is not enough as a scare, then maybe your expensive contacts getting blown off is.

Don’t towel, tissue, or fingernail

Just like your eyes, contact lenses are fragile little things that get wounded when scratched. Your fingers may touch your contact lenses, but your nails may only do it harm. The same goes for towels and tissues. You may keep them close though, waterworks may come if you happen to fingernail your eyeballs.

Don’t ignore signs of impending doom

Even the slightest irritation may be an early sign of infection. So before it’s too late, and you sense darkness coming from the horizon, run to your doctor. He’s there to help.

Whether your contact lenses are for the improvement of your vision, or for a revamp of your fashion sense, you must remember to take care of them—or else!!!! Good luck!

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