/**/ KINDLE, LAPTOP, OR BOOKS: Which is better?

KINDLE, LAPTOP, OR BOOKS: Which is better?

July 22nd, 2014

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Avid readers will know the feeling of wanting to keep reading even past the point where you’re already straining your eyes just to finish a certain chapter … at least. This is where the stereotype of ‘people who wear eyeglasses are smart’ come from — since they wear glasses, it is presumed that it’s due to reading (or more precisely, studying) too much.

Whether you’re reading fiction novels or academic publications, technology has brought about other options for something as simple as reading printed copies of literature  in the form of e-books. Bookworms no longer have to resort to carrying one heavy book at a time, they now have the option to download their favorite stories and read them off kindle or laptop or tablets.

The question now is this: Kindle, Laptop or Books; which is better for you?




A kindle is a very lightweight and portable gadget which is mainly used for viewing e-books, perfect for people who love travelling and reading. While the gadget itself is not very cheap, e-books are cheaper than their paperback or hardbound counterparts. And if you have internet at home and a valid bank account, you won’t even have to leave your house for you to get your hands on a new story! Another plus: you can actually get some e-books for free.

Kindle is the most convenient and comfortable way to read anything. You can read while sitting, standing, eating, walking or lying down. It’s easy to carry around and will not add too much weight in your bag, so you can read pretty much any time, anywhere. Its battery can also last a very long time after each charge, and can even last up to two weeks or a month!

The down side (or plus side, depending on how you view it) with Kindle is that it’s not very convenient for web surfing. It’s possible, but not really the same as surfing the net on your laptop.




Laptops, netbooks, and tablets are also portable but tend to be bulkier and heavier than Kindles. It is also more expensive but that’s because it has a larger memory capacity and can be used for other activities than reading, such as surfing the web, watching movies, listening to music, playing games, creating documents, et c.

Another thing laptops, netbooks, and tablets have in common is that they are all backlit — unlike the kindle or a book, you’ll be able to use it in the dark. However, spending too much time staring into this light can cause severe eye strain and can cause delay in sleep. The battery can usually only last 6 hours or less when unplugged. If you’re travelling and your batter runs low, you’ll have to wait until you reach your destination to charge it.




Although kindles, laptops, netbooks, and tablets are fancy gadgets that can provide other features, nothing really beats having a traditional book in your hands. Every book lover looks forward to the smell of a new book and having to carefully turn each page. Unlike the gadgets, books don’t need to be charged and are ready to be read at any time.

It would be pretty hard to bring your whole collection of books with you though, so you’ll have to focus on one book each time (which, again, can be a positive or a negative thing depending on how you see it). Since it’s made of paper, books are rather fragile. It becomes soggy when it gets wet and the pages will be wrinkly and possibly unreadable when it dries. Pages can be torn or turn yellow in time, and termites might feed on it. You can never restore it to its original state.

Whether you choose to use a kindle, a laptop or remain using books, it’s up to you! Each one of them has their own pros and cons so find what suits your lifestyle best. It does not matter how, what’s important is that you continue reading and appreciating literature. And if you want to be able to keep reading, taking proper care of your eyes is important. Remember to rest your eyes every now and then and never read in the dark, even with backlight.

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