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Fashion Savvy? Here is a Variety of Contact Lenses for You

August 22nd, 2014

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Since the arrival of contact lenses to the eyewear scene, people have grown fascinated over their ingenious design. A lot have switched from wearing their eyeglasses to popping on these bad boys; after all, they offer the same effect and even add more convenience. Actually, they also add more effect—cosmetic effect that is.

Ever since people started being more open to “wacky” and unconventional styles, people have learned that they can use contact lenses to spruce up their personal style. From simple beginnings as eyeglass substitutes, contact lenses are now among the necklaces and earrings that make up the accessories of a wardrobe. For the fashion savvy you, here are contact lenses that may be for your taste—and they need not be prescription.

Crazy Colorful


Are your irises naturally black? Well with contact lenses, not anymore! A variety of color is now available to you, in a variety of shades, too. You can go through blue, from aqua to navy, or through the fifty shades of grey, all in a day if you want to, as these are already available in the market today. There is even gold or total white if you’re up for it, just to match the chains you’re wearing.

Beautiful Big Eye


Nothing says kawaii like chibi. Everybody knows they have big heads with big eyes to match. That’s where contact lenses enter. In the real world, humans don’t have chibi versions of themselves. So to compensate, thankfully full-color contact lenses are created. These aren’t just lenses that cover the whole irises however, for with a wider diameter, these create an illusion of having big eyes, which can actually look cute on someone who’s cute to begin with. However, on someone whose stares scream strange, it can look creepy.

Glam Glimmer


Sure, you’ve got color! But do you have glimmer? With glimmer contact lenses, you can. These are another species, genre, class, if you will. Think of having glitters in your eyes and not freaking out over going blind. These lenses are the closest thing to that experience. They not only make you look like you caught a star with your irises, they actually make you look like a star.

Gorgeous Gothic


Feel like sucking blood lately? How about just keeping in the darkest corner of the room? Whether you’re goth only for today, or a true goth by heart, this kind of contact lenses might sympathize with that you’re feeling. Some of the designs are bloody, while some make you look like a werewolf out for a hunt. Whatever you choose to wear, a stare will definitely scare.

Wonderful Wild


Everyone stares at you and public and even your closest friends keep asking “What on earth are you wearing?”, pertaining of course to the strange look in your eyes. And you keep smug, enjoying their funny reactions. That’s because you’re sporting your new pair of unimaginably wild lenses. Today you have an eight ball iris when yesterday you just had a dragon’s eye on. Tomorrow morning you’re going for the pair that screams “I HATE YOU”, and on the afternoon you’re putting on the fleur de lis. Really whatever you feel like wearing you can; a testament to your wild side.

Dramatic Diamond


You heard it about your eyes: “Shine bright like a diamond.” But you’ve never been this close to literal before, especially since you’re wearing diamond-encrusted contact lenses. Yes, anything can be possible in the world today. Indian optometrist Chandrashekhar Chawan has invented the lenses that are not only brightened with diamonds, but also with gold plates. Can you imagine? With this $15,000 pair on, you’re sure to be the talk of the town. And you’re just happy your teeth’s gold grills finally have an accessory to match.

With your eyes as the star of your whole look, you may not have to wear anything anymore! Which of these lenses would you like to try, and which are too wild for you?

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