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6 Jobs with Strict Grade Requirements

July 21st, 2014

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Summertime is over, so kick off your flip flops, take off your sunglasses, and go get some serious studying done! If you want to be qualified for your dream job after graduation, you’d better start working hard for it now. School isn’t all about getting good grades — the real goal is to absorb all the information and learn all the skills that you can while you’re still in school. However, companies will definitely use your grades as one of the deciding factors for whether you’d be a good hire. In fact, lots of jobs require good grades for you qualify for the position! Here are some jobs that have strict grade requirements.



An accountant handles a person’s or even a whole company’s finances, which is a critical part of any business. Important documents such as financial statements are processed by accountants and is very meticulous work. It is important that an accountant knows what he or she is doing because they can affect a company’s finances.



You learn a lot of basics from teachers such as language, history and science which can help you decide on what career path you want to follow. Because of this a teacher must be educated and knowledgeable at least in their field in order to be effective in their job.



Lawyers have the task of protecting their clients and making sure that criminals are sentenced properly. Such a job requires a lawyer to know the laws by heart in order for them to be able to properly process and defend their client’s case. Taking up law is no easy task, studying and memorizing the law are not for the half-hearted.



These people oversee the construction of structures such as roads, bridges, buildings and more. It is important that they are competent because they make sure that these structures are safe for public use. If these structures are not properly built they could collapse and bring harm to many innocent civilians!



Doctors handle people’s lives therefore they should know what they’re doing. Mistakes could lead to complications on the patient’s health, and possibly even death! Something you should know before you decide you want to be a doctor is that you will never ever stop studying — nope, not even after graduation. Learning how to heal people is a continuous learning process.



They are the first ones who come running to you when you need help while confined in a hospital. They work alongside a doctor and helps them with their duties. Though nurses are not the ones directly treating you, it is still important for them to be knowledgeable in their field. A person’s life cannot be taken lightly therefore all medical-related professions need to be taken on by intelligent individuals.

When choosing a career, always weigh your options. A lot of kids take up college courses that their parents want them to but end up shifting. That’s okay! Getting a job is not only about earning money, you have to choose a career that will let you grow as a person. Find something that you like to do. Just because it’s a job doesn’t mean you can’t have fun doing it.

Eyesight is extremely important in many jobs. Always take care of your eyes because they could greatly affect your way of life! Always wear sunglasses to protect your eyes when going out into the sun, and let your eyes rest for at least fifteen minutes per hour whenever you’re studying or reading.

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