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5 Sitcom Characters Who Sport Specs

September 24th, 2014

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Although glasses are worn by all kinds of people, there has always been this mainstay stereotype that labels those who wear them as socially awkward geeks/nerds – an obvious over-generalization that has no proof whatsoever. But if you’re in a sitcom and you’re bespectacled, more often than not, you are the token weird but smart guy.

To further prove this point, here are five characters and their famous sets of eyeglass frames from five different comedies.

Liz Lemon

liz lemon

30 Rock’s quirky feminist resident writer, she’s played by the equally quirky comedienne Tina Fey. Aside from writing for the show, Liz is assigned to take care of whatever his boss Jack orders him to do, and clean up the messes the crazy show stars Tracy and Jenna get themselves into.

Leonard Hofstadter

Leonard Glasses

If there is a guy that hits the glasses-wearing socially awkward nerd archetype, it’s definitely Big Bang theory’s foremost male lead and poster boy. Played by John Galecki, Leonard is a funny, intelligent, and logical geek. Although he’s quite socially awkward, he does know how to interact with people. In fact, when it comes to socializing with others, he’s the least weird among his group of dorky friends. He’s also quite the romantic, as he’s been pursuing his pretty neighbor Penny. She might seem out of his league, but with his smarts and his antics, he’s a definite ten.



For now let’s leave the real world and go to the animated alternate reality that is Springfield, where the crazy Simpsons and their equally crazy friends live. Among them is Millhouse, Bart Simpson’s best friend. Well, if best friend means being the monkey in the middle of somebody’s practical jokes, then Millhouse is without a doubt Bart’s best friend. Nevertheless, despite the jokes, Millhouse never feels hurt, and Bart secretly takes care of him. Also, Millhouse has a crush on Lisa, Bart’s sister. Unfortunately, Lisa doesn’t feel the same way. Well, Millhouse, good luck with that.

Dwight Schrute


They say office work is boring, but in Dunder Miffin Paper Company,  corporate life is one wacky ride. In this office located in Scranton, Pennsylvania, you’ll meet a lot of crazy characters in coat and ties; among them is Dwight Schrute. Played by Rainn Wilson, he is a guy you’ll love to hate and have a good time laughing at because of his major power-tripping, insincere flatteries, and his snobby know-it-all attitude. I bet you didn’t expect that from a Battlestar Galactica fan.

Jessica Day

Jessica Day

They say ladies who wear glasses look less pretty than those who don’t. If you’re one of those who believe that, then you’ll change your mind when you meet manic pixie dream babe Jessica Day, the lead girl of New Girl. Then again, she’s played by the beautiful Zooey Deschannel, a real life quirky hipster, whose blue eyes shine brighter under her the lens of her spectacles.

And that’s a wrap. Catch these boys and girls who wear corrective eyewear on a small screen near you, or perhaps you’re the type who would rather watch visually stunning films. Just don’t sit too near, or else you’ll have to wear glasses too. That is, if the saying is true.

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