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5 Magical Glasses of Fiction You Wish You Have

August 19th, 2014

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Oculus and Google brought new age tech-innovation wildfire – with Oculus Rift giving you a first-hand experience on virtual reality video games and Glass giving the opportunity of interacting with the world while simultaneously shuffling digital tasks.

But in all of today’s high-tech gadgets let’s take a step back, review the drawing board and think – before these sci-fi bending sunglasses, didn’t you have your childhood dream specs?

So let’s save the science for later and explore its inexplicable concepts of the mystical functions of the following glasses:


Ghostbustin’ Ecto-glasses

ectogoggles EctoGogglesAnimatedVersion

The idea of supernatural phenomena continue to raise eyebrows from critics and send shivers down chilled viewers’ spines giving them goose bumps. And one take on that is our ever-favorite trio of parapsychologists who gets rid of all the ecto-filth of New York City – Ghostbusters.

The trio that comprise this comedy filled supernatural film use their trusty Ecto-Goggles to track and capture the ghosts that invade and disturb New Yorkers’ peace. So next time you have a lingering guest around, who you gonna call?

Through a drifters’ sunglasses


Speaking of unnatural phenomena – ever looked through your sunglasses and saw a different world? In John Carpenter’s horror flick They Live! A nameless drifter finds a box of regular looking sunglasses which he later on realizes are far from ordinary.

After wearing one of the sunglasses from the bunch he found, an alternate alien-world has revealed itself before the drifter’s sunglass-ed eyes. With a different world and its subliminal message exposed, the nameless drifter is faced with a tough responsibility.

Augmented Reality Glasses


The first anime series on our list is Dennou Coil or Computer Coil – a story based on the distinctly separate worlds that is digital and real. Just like Oculus Rift, this Japanese sci-fi offers the wearer an experience of a virtual world unlike any other. The difference is that Dennou Coil depicts semi-immersive augmented reality technology and its earlier studies and introduction.

The 2026 setting has a group of children find access to encounter the nature of Augmented Reality, its mysteries and a supposed ghostly Virtual Reality realm hidden in the AR environment, through the leads’ AR glasses – Just like John Carpenter’s They Live sunglasses!


X-ray madness!


Remember watching Totally Spies save the world and Phineas and Ferb invent different cool stuff? Well, they have one thing in common. X-ray vision provided by the M-ray contact lenses and the boys’ Xray goggles.

One of the most imagined and thought of, by super-creative kids like you and me, is the ability to see an object through anything. Apparently, the undoubtedly never-over-rated need to see through any thick or thin material object is the dream amongst 90’s kids with the most!


Luna Lovegood’s Spectrespecs


Above all the awesome glasses listed here, the best would probably be those free 3D ones that come in free whenever you buy stuff like magazines or cereal boxes right? Would you know how much better it would be if those 3D glasses did more than give you a 3-dimensional altered look on your surroundings?

Special 3D glasses were given away free in an issue of The Quibbler in the 1996 era in Harry Potter. Now what’s exceptional with these glasses, other than making the wearer look like a demented, multicolored owl? The Spectrespecs, as Luna Lovegood calls it, makes wrackspurts visible to the wizarding eye.

These special specs even helped Luna save Harry on a train once. Maybe it could help you save a friend too, if you had a pair.

How about you, what else would you like to see through your sunglasses? How useful and magical would it be? Comment down below!

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