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5 Hauntingly Beautiful Game Trailers

September 16th, 2014

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Watching game trailers are part of every average gamer nerd’s day. Sitting in front of their computer with their eyeglasses on, they sneak a peek into the game they’ve been keeping an eye on for months. Watching a trailer allows them to know the gameplay, graphic quality and what exactly to expect from it. As much as trailers can hype you up with the upcoming game, it can also make you lose interest in it therefore gaming companies put in effort, time and of course a lot money into making one. If they want attention from gamers, then they have to create on heck of a trailer! As time passes, game trailers has become more and more eye catching and realistic that sometimes you’d wonder if it was actually computer generated. Practically made for movie theaters, here are 5 hauntingly beautiful game trailers:


No Man’s Sky

Showcasing the game in a single continuous POV shot, No Man’s Sky peaks the interest of gamers around the world. It instantly becameĀ one of the most coveted game after the trailer’s release. No Man’s Sky is a sci-fi game that engages you in exploration and battle across the universe. Equipped with colorful settings and beautiful graphics, you’ll feel like you’re being drawn right in to screen.


The Division

If having the mission of saving New York City excites you then The Division’s trailer will definitely get your gamer heart racing. Ubisoft releases a gripping cinematic trailer that rivals that of a real movie. Everything about it is interesting, the story (which was written by none other than THE Tom Clancy), game play and of course the trailer that even non-gamers would appreciate. You definitely won’t be getting any sleep until you lay your hands on this game.


Final Fantasy 15

Square Enix really knows how to test your patience. FF15 was first announced to the public in May 2006 and up to date has not yet been released. But early this year a heart stopping trailer was revealed to the public which got every Final fantasy fan ecstatic and begging for more. True to its name, the game is set in a Fantasy like environment but what’s different in FF15 is they combined it with a touch of reality. The trailer completely showcases the visual beauty of the game. They may take long, but Square Enix never fails to impress!


World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor

Blizzard entertainments takes trailer making into a whole new level with their latest World of Warcraft cinematic trailer, Warlords of Draenor. With flawless animation and cinematography you’ll absolutely love the trailer. The characters might not exactly be as good-looking as the final fantasy heroes but you’ll find beauty in everything else.


Assassin’s Creed Unity

Another wonderfully made trailer by Ubisoft. They’ve created such a beautiful version of Paris that can be called nothing but art. The game takes place during the French Revolution. You’ll be enjoying the game while seeing the aesthetically beautiful sceneries and architectures from Paris, France.


There are too many new games and such little time! We know you want to conquer all of them but you won’t be enjoying those games if you have bad eyesight! So get those eyes checked, grab a pair of eyeglasses and enjoy playing those games in all its HD glory.

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