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5 Games with Exceptional Graphics

September 26th, 2014

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Back in the day, video games looked like squares put together to form flat images. A few years later, they were able to look more solid, but still had a lot of rough edges. But nowadays, thanks to advanced technology, the graphics have improved in so many ways that they almost seem lifelike! While a few years ago you could squint all you want and still not get a clear image of your own character, playing more recent games is like wearing HD eyeglasses.

Here are five games that boast of total graphics power, easily captivating the button-mashing pros of today’s generation.



From the developers that brought you the immensely popular Halo franchise, this million-dollar massively multiplayer shooting extravaganza is one of the year’s sweetest eye candies. The game is set seven hundred years into the future, when a mysterious calamity has befallen the human race after they have successfully colonized the solar system. Because of this, you assume the role of a Guardian, tasked to defend the last city on Earth from an impending alien threat. The game is an open world that you can fully explore, so expect a lot of beautifully rendered sceneries consisting of natural landscapes or post-apocalyptic technological structures.


Watch Dogs

Have you ever wanted to be a hacker who’s roaming around the city and prying on everyone’s digital secrets? If so, then Watch Dogs is a virtual dream come true. You play as Adam Pearce, a grey hat hacker who can tap into Chicago’s operating system as well as other people’s devices and digital profiles in other to stop crime, and ultimately to avenge his niece’s death. With its innovative system, gripping story, and a masterful recreation of Chicago’s cityscape and people, this game is GTA’s tech-savvy cousin.



What’s better than fighting robots? Giant fighting robots. With that said, Titanfall is a multiplayer co-op PVP shooter that does not only allow you to shoot other people, but also crush the opposition with pilotable mechanical juggernauts called Titans. Because of its intricate mechanical designs and a well-crafted near-future world that is not too far and far removed from ours, the game will leave you with so much fun running, gunning, and trampling, so much so that you’d be too busy to answer calls from whatever duties you have.


Mirror’s Edge 2

A sequel of the high-flying action-platformer Mirror’s Edge, this prequel sequel will be putting you once again on Faith’s new and improved jumping shoes.  You’ll be back doing fancy, high-flying parkour moves on a gleaming city’s breathtaking skyline, as well as uncovering a corrupt government’s conspiracy. But hold your horses though, as this gem is yet to be released; if not this year, then definitely early next year.


Final Fantasy XV

Last but not least, the J-RPG that defined the subgenre and birthed many riveting realms of fiction. The upcoming fifteenth main installment has been dubbed as “a fantasy based on reality”, so it will include a hybrid of the usual elements found in fantasy genres such as a lush, open world full of monsters, magic, and melee battles; and modern-day fashion styles and tech –all of these in smooth, painstaking detail. And in order to appeal to a younger audience, the game will be featuring a fast-paced and intuitive battle system. Although there is no slated date of release yet, rest assured that this game, just like every Final Fantasy, will deliver.

So, what are you waiting for? Get up, go game (or check out the trailers of the unreleased ones), and take a gander at their great graphics.

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