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4 Reasons Why Contact Lenses Are for You

August 12th, 2014

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Remember when having 20/20 vision was all the rave? The time when vision was indiscriminate of distance—whether near or far—or of form—whether human or letter? Those were the days that you really miss, especially since you were diagnosed of the Wearyourglassestocorrectyoureyesight syndrome.

The magic of eyeglasses gets you by, sure, but somehow your glasses just seem to get more and more heavy, resting on the bridge of your nose for days on end. It’s quite bothersome too, having to be careful that they don’t fall off or break while you’re doing highly physical activities. To put it simply, you are now itching to try something else.

Well lucky you because contact lenses have long been born. These magical little things mimic the lenses of your eyes, so easily rest on your eyeballs while correcting your vision. Convenient and functional—it has come to your rescue! But that’s not all. If you think contact lenses offer you only practicality, then better think again. You and contact lenses may truly belong together. Especially if:

You’re a player


A SPORTS player, that is. Glasses aren’t too friendly with balls, running, and jumping. That means either bye-bye glasses, or farewell basketball—and you can’t live without either. Since you’re going for the title of MVP, your eyeglasses should never enter the court. Don’t wait for them to be flung off your face mid-game, that’ll totally leave you blind! And sharpshooters aren’t blind for a reason. No matter what sport you’re into, contact lenses may be able to contribute to your performance, as you’re most likely to focus on the game rather than your glasses flying off, hitting your opponent, and giving you a foul—or falling to the floor and getting squashed. Whichever, contact lenses are your best bet.

You’re Bear Grylls

bear grylls

Who dares to wrestle a bear while wearing eyeglasses? Sure, maybe Bear Grylls, but he doesn’t. Instead, he does it wearing contact lenses—or let’s pretend he does. See, if eyeglasses most likely cannot handle the intensity of sports, than what makes you think they can withstand death-defying stunts and madman philosophy? They will not only fly off in fear of what you’re doing, but they will also smash themselves on any surface available, be it Safari grass or the Grand Canyon. If you want to defy all odds—and YOLO—by becoming the new Grylls, then do so with contact lenses—and at your own risk.

You’re a Fashionista

fashion lenses

Contacts also come in different colors, which only means that the clash of eye color and outfit style are now a problem of the past. As a fashionista, this-is-gooollddd! From having your outfit match your eyes, you can now have your eyes match your outfit. That’s not all. With new lenses, your eyes now pop and sparkle even more than before. Your fashion fans aren’t your only followers anymore, the hunk from the café may also be.

You’re a Stark

Tony Stark

You hate it when your glasses fog up or blur, as if mocking that you can’t tell the difference—but you can. The same goes when it rains. So it’s not your fault why a horrifying scene always plays in your head while driving through the snow or in the rain:

You’re hurrying to the hospital where your wife’s in labor. It’s raining. Your windshield fogs up and then your glasses, too. And just when you’re blinded, the streetlights turn off. Nothing, nothing—and then bam! You just ran over a squirrel. Poor thing.

Your glasses are supposed to help you see better, but with them collecting precipitation and then blurring, you might very well say that the purpose is defeated. Better wear contact lenses.

Contact lenses are here for a reason: they correct poor vision so that you may be able to see better. Just like eyeglasses they are here to help, but may be better at the job. It’s still up to you whether or not it’s definitely for you.

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