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15 Synonyms of ‘SEE’ and their Subtle Differences

September 12th, 2014

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The term ‘see’ is perhaps the most basic way to say that one is capable of perceiving something using their sense of sight. Figuratively speaking, it means one can perceive with the mind’s eye. The English language is so wonderful that there are so many ways to say that one can see something! Though all these technically mean to perceive with the eyes, they have their own subtext and uses.

What are you waiting for? Go grab your frames and check out 15 of the many synonyms for ‘SEE’. To put it into perspective, let’s make an example out of you and your crush. Interested yet? Thought so.


Eyes can see



To look is to see a particular scene or object intentionally. For example: “Look, my crush is over there by the food buffet!”, you tell your friend Sarah. She then turns her head to the area where the food buffet is, and looks at the person who is the object of your affections.


To examine something is to see what sort of condition the object is. Sarah examines your crush from head to toe.


To observe is to see something and regard a certain aspect of it as significant. Sarah nods in agreement. “Yes, he is quite cute. And he has such nice skin!”, she observes.


To gaze is to look at someone in admiration. You gaze at your crush, unable to eat.





To stare is to look for a long time. Before you know it, you and Sarah have been staring at your crush for a long, long time. And it’s becoming slightly creepy.


To survey is kind of like to examine, but more quickly. Sarah surveys the cafeteria and realizes that people can notice you staring.


To gawk is to stare at something in awe, so much that it begins to feel awkward for the people around you. “Well,” Sarah clears her throat. “Let’s stop gawking at him, shall we?”





To spot is to notice something with your eyes. You spot the shy girl from your class look at your crush and then stand up from her seat.


To watch is to look at or to observe something as it happens. You watch your now-nemesis approach the guy of your dreams.


To glare is to look at the object angrily. Well, you know where this is going. Clearly, you are very angry at your nemesis, and shoot her a glare.





To scrutinize is to examine every single aspect of something thoroughly. You scrutinize her outfit, trying to gauge whether she’s cute enough for him to be interested in her or not.


To view an object is to see it from a particular place. Like how you stand up and move closer to them to get a better view of what’s going on.


To take a peek is to look quickly. You get close enough to peek at the girl’s ID and realize that she has the same last name as your crush!





To witness is see an event take place. You return to your table, where Sarah is laughing because she just witnessed you make a fool of yourself, because your nemesis is actually your crush’s sister!


To visualize is to create a mental image of something. Since it doesn’t seem like you and your crush will be getting together soon, you’re content with just visualizing a future wherein you and him can finally get to know each other. Good luck with that!


See how fun the English language is? Just keep reading books and soon you’ll be able to get the hang of selecting the proper words and figuring out the best and most interesting way to string them together in order to tell a story. Have fun playing with words!

Are there other words you know that are synonymous to ‘see’? Tell us on the comments section below!

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