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10 Professions that have strict Eye Grade requirements

September 19th, 2014

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There is absolutely no shame in needing to wear eyeglasses or contact lenses. Heck, it’s very commendable because this means you care about your eye health and refuse to allow yourself the inconvenience of having poor eyesight without help. Having poor eyesight can greatly affect your way of life; it can prevent you from getting a good job due to bad grades, or keep you from doing whatever job you already have well.

That being said, here are 10 professions that actually have very strict eye grade requirements, lest they endanger the lives of others or their own.


You might think driving a plane is as easy as video games make it out to be, but it’s not. Piloting an aircraft, especially a commercial airplane with passengers, is no game. Pilots undergo extreme training and schooling to learn how to fly a plane and how to get it from one destination to another. Aside from this, each flight comes with the heavy responsibility of keeping their passengers safe. A single mistake caused by poor vision could cost hundreds of lives!

Ship Captain

Just like Pilots, Ship Captains have the responsibility of keeping the passengers safe. He or she must be in constant vigilance and able to see possible threats or obstacles just in time to navigate the ship away from them.




Firemen & Astronauts

Firemen are thrust in an environment with a lot of smoke and heat, therefore wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses might cause harm rather than aid to their vision. Likewise, NASA won’t take in Astronauts who don’t have a 20/20 vision.  Zero gravity and spectacles really don’t go well together!


Doctors, especially surgeons, need to have a good vision for obvious reasons. For a doctor to perform a surgery properly, they will need to have a clear sight of what they’re doing. Any mistake that occur because of poor eyesight could cause complications or even death!


 binoculars professional



Lifeguards literally guard your life. They need to keep an eye out on people on the beach or in the pool area, and they need to have a good eyesight to spot even those who are too far from the shore.

The Armed Forces (or police officers/security guards)

To be able to protect somebody, you have to be aware of everything that goes on around you. How will you be prepared when an attacker comes if your sight is blurry? These people in security need to have a clear image of their surroundings if they want to keep the people around them safe.


Students need pay attention in class because learning is the first step to leading a successful life. Professors need to see clearly up to the back of the classroom to make sure their students are paying attention and learning well. With perfect vision, they’ll effortlessly be able to spot those sleepy heads and note passers at the back of the room.





To be able to properly perform checkups, mechanical engineers who are in charge of trains or other public transportation needs to have proper vision when performing scheduled maintenance. Machine engines are very complicated and detailed with some parts being extremely small, the engineer has to see clearly to make sure that the transportation will not cause any harm to its passengers.


Car, cab, bus or truck, it doesn’t matter what you’re driving as long as you’re driving safe. When you’re behind the wheel make sure that you are able to see the road and everything on it clearly to avoid accidents.


Nurses are often given the task of giving the patients their medication. If because of poor eyesight you read the medication’s name wrongly and give out the wrong drug, you will unintentionally cause harm to the patient who is trying to recover.


Though most of these professions require good vision for the safety of the people involved, you’ll be surprised that simple desk jobs require a good eyesight too! Having poor eyesight can lead to inefficiency and mistakes that will certainly not impress your boss. So make sure to get your eyes checked and corrected at the nearest optical shop now.

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