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10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Eyes!

September 30th, 2014

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Seeing is an amazing feat. By knowing what different persons, places, or objects look like, we can appreciate the world more.  That is why our eyes should never be taken for granted and must be taken care of.

So that you can appreciate them more, here are ten fun facts about them that are as cool as sunglasses on a bright day.


Eyes heal quickly

Even though eyes are very sensitive organs, they easily regenerate. A corneal scratch, if tended to promptly and correctly, can heal within 48 hours. Still, you should always take care of your eyes, or else you might lose their use.


20/20 vision is not the best vision

Although doctors consider 20/20 vision as the best, it’s not. There have been a few people with 20/16 vision, which means they can see within sixteen feet the things people usually see at twenty. Still, it’s not the best recorded vision – 20/10 is. Do the math.


Raven eyes


Some pairs of eyes have different color

Both eyes of people are usually of the same color. However, there is a harmless medical condition called heterochromia, where the eyes of one person are different from each other. It looks cool and doesn’t affect vision.


Newborns don’t produce tears

Babies in cartoons usually cry rivers. But in real life, newborn babies don’t secrete tears because their lacrimal glands, which produce them, are not developed enough yet. Babies only start having tears around 4-13 weeks.


Simon Cowell eyes


Cells in the eyes have differently shapes

In our eyes are millions of cells. These cells, all light-sensitive, are classified into two: rods and cones. Rods determine shapes, while cones perceive color. Among these cones, around a hundred million see black and white, while seven million see colors.


You can’t ‘flip’ your sight

Your eyesight is automatically corrected by your brain. Thus, even if you were hung upside down or even sideways, you would always see right-side up. I’m sure you just tried it out right now.


Johnny Depp eyes


The eyes generate a lot of information

Because seeing is a part of everyday life, we hardly think of it. However, it provides the brain with 36,000 bits of information, requiring 65% of your brainpower.


You blink a lot

It’s hardly noticeable because it’s just for one-tenth of a second, but people blink a lot. However, there is no definite number as to how many times a person blinks. It can be as much as fifty and as low as three.


Overly Attached Eyes


The eyes’ lens is faster than a camera’s

The lens, the part of your eyes that allows them to focus, automatically adjusts itself. Because it happens so fast, you hardly think about it.


You have a blind spot

Our eyes have a blind spot, which is the part where the retina and optic nerve is connected. However, your vision is complete because your eyes work in coordination with each other, covering the blind spot.


Our eyes are more to them than meets the eye, and those interesting tidbits of info prove them, so treat them well. I want to stick around and tell you more, but I have to go. See you next time.

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