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Symptoms Connected with Poor Eyesight

June 19th, 2014

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Symptoms poor eyesight


Poor eyesight can be caused by different factors. It can be inherited from their older generations, but nowadays, it’s mostly due to the constant use of computers, televisions and other gadgets, that a lot of people’s eyesight deteriorate. So how do we know you may be in need of a pair of eyeglasses? Here are some symptoms of bad eyesight:



The most common symptom you will experience is blurred vision. You’ll find yourself squinting to see better and you can’t read sign boards from afar. You find it hard to distinguish similar letters and numbers written on your class board. 3 and 8 looks the same from your seat and you’re not sure if it’s a letter l or a small letter i. You’ll also have a hard time making out the face of the people you encounter until they come to a closer proximity.


Weak vision at night

Another symptom that is connected with poor eyesight is having weak vision at night. Some people even encounter night blindness. If you find yourself struggling to move around during the nighttime, have your eyes checked.


Headaches and dizziness

If you’re constantly experiencing headaches and dizziness without any probable cause, consult an eye doctor. A lot of people are unaware that having poor eyesight can cause you headaches due to the constant eye strain.


Difficulty in reading

Apart from the blurriness, people with poor eyesight will have a hard time concentrating on the material they’re reading. They tend to lose the line they were reading or they use their finger to keep track of the part they’re on.


Problem with colors

Sometimes people with bad vision also have problems distinguishing colors. The colors appear dull, faded or yellow from its actual shade.


Poor Eyesight comic


To identify symptoms in children we have to be more observant. Since children are young and believe that everyone sees the same way as they do, they are unaware of the concept of having poor eyesight and needing glasses. Here are symptoms we have to watch out in children:


Constantly in a daze or daydreaming

If the child often spaces out, this could be a sign of poor eyesight. Children who have blurry vision usually lose interest in other activities. This could lead to poor performance in school or the child isolating themselves from others.



Children with poor vision tends to also have poor body coordination. If the child keeps on tripping or getting into small accidents, this could be a sign that he or she needs to start wearing eyeglasses.


Excessive blinking, constant rubbing of the eyes and squinting

Children who have bad eyesight usually show these symptoms. They have a hard time seeing therefore they strain their eyes more to try and see clearly. They end up blinking more than usual and rub their eyes to try and soothe them.



Like adults they will also experience frequent headaches and dizziness. If your child often complains about their head hurting, don’t take this lightly. You might think that they’re only complaining to get a free day from school but they might also be suffering from poor vision.


Sitting too close to the television or holding a book close to the face when reading


Try and observe a child when watching or reading. If they stay too close to the monitor or hold a book closely, this might mean they’re having a hard time reading or watching.

Whether an adult or a child, it is important to have your eyes checked when you’re having vision problems. Take care of your eyes and don’t hesitate to consult with a doctor. It’s better to look like a nerd wearing glasses than look like a clumsy nerd constantly getting into accidents just because you couldn’t see clearly.

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