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“Seeing Triple” How to ‘See’ with Your Third Eye

November 7th, 2014

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Seeing Third Eye


Some people wish to have or open this mystical thing called the ‘third eye’. No, it’s not something that will literally give you better eyesight, but will supposedly give you supernatural powers. Now you’re probably also wondering whether it’s possible in real life or not.

Yes. And no.

No, because you can’t literally have an additional eyeball attached; it wouldn’t improve your looks and your corrective lenses and sunglasses are only good for the eyes you’re born with. And this is what makes it hard to know if those people claiming to have the sight are telling the truth. 

The third eye is also associated with enlightened consciousness. It means you’ll have a better perspective of the world around you, enabling you to face life with a better approach. And while it may not be as cool as having psychic or paranormal abilities, it supposedly can be done by anyone who’s willing to put effort into it.

So how do you open your third eye? Here are some tips:


three eyed martian



Train Your Mind

One of the best ways you can open your “third eye” is to train yourself mentally. This doesn’t mean levitating objects or bending other people’s will, but helping your brain focus and keeping it sharp. You can do this through meditation, reading books and other brain-related activities. You can get meditation tips from various sources; there are different religions that’ll give you tons of wonderful advice. As for books, there are probably thousand if not millions out there just waiting to be opened.


Cultivate Your Intuitive Side

Intuition is the closest thing you’ll have for a third eye, at least for now. While you may be born with a certain amount of intuition, it would take much time and effort to develop it so you can use it for everyday challenges. Luckily, doing this is easy and can be done on a regular basis without interfering with the rest of your activities. Things you can do to improve your intuition is observing other people and your surroundings, paying attention to your dreams, and listening to your gut feelings and instincts.


Control Your Emotions

Learn to control your emotions; there’s no other way to put it! Yes there are times when you need to have faith and follow your heart, but in most situations you must lead it instead of giving in to its urges. Your heart is the most deceitful thing after all; you’d be surprised at how many bad choices were made due to giving in to fleeting feelings. Besides, letting your emotions run wild is unhealthy for you.




Stay Physically Fit

You need to take care of your body if you want to have a third eye. After all, your heart, mind and spirit can’t function perfectly without the body they live in. Make sure you have a healthy diet, avoiding foods and drinks that can lead to health complications. Engaging in sports and exercises can also do wonders to your body.


Focus on the Truth

Lastly, you need to focus on what’s true instead on what’s not. This means having a realistic view of life. You need to be rational and reasonable in dealing with the many challenges that come your way, although you need to take leaps of faith sometimes.


Having a third eye doesn’t mean having an extra eye sticking out of your forehead or superpowers you can brag about. It means having the sense to deal with difficult situations and people in the best way possible. That is something not everyone can do, although they can develop it over time.

Do you believe that the third eye exists? Do you want to open your third eye? Tell us your opinion in the comments section below!

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