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9 Reasons Why you should consider dating a Nerd

June 27th, 2014

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Date Nerds

Here’s the scenario: imagine having two guys asking you out at the same time. The thing is, they’re so different: one is the sporty school jock, while the other one is the eyeglass-wearing nerd in your class. Even if both of them had equally good personalities, you’d probably feel more inclined to choose the school jock, right? If that’s so, think again! Here are 9 reasons why you should consider dating a nerd:


No need to worry about their “boy’s night out”

Nerd ONS

You don’t need to worry about him getting drunk or hooking up with another girl. A boy’s night out usually means going to a toy convention or spazzing over comics at a local bookstore. But there’s always the possibility of them doing something more fun like playing Starcraft all night at one of their buddy’s home.


The way they talk


Don’t you find how they talk to be adorable? They use the strangest words and stutter every now and then. They makes science jokes that only they could understand and find it absolutely hilarious.


They’re called nerds for a reason

Smart and beautiful

He can help you in school work (If you’re still studying) or generally be your source of logical arguments. Plus, he’ll be smart enough to know you’re a pretty good catch and that you deserve to be treated with nothing but love and respect.


Choosing a gift for them is a piece of cake

The Dork Side

Nerds are probably the easiest type of boyfriend to get a gift for. They tend to become an intense fan of a thing or two, conveniently narrowing down your gift choices.


Personal computer technician

Tech Support

Did you get a virus and your computer needs to be reformatted? No need to spend extra money to get your computer fixed. Your boyfriend will probably be tech-savvy, meaning he’d be able to fix it for you in no time.


They’re openly weird

Weird Together

Being weird themselves, you don’t have to worry about how you behave with them. Be weird or crazy, they would accept you no matter how eccentric you are.


They’re the perfect gentleman

Gentleman Nick

You’d probably be the first girl he’s dating and will probably be too shy to even hold your hand. They’d be sweet and old fashioned when it comes to dating. They’ll open doors for you and wouldn’t dream of bringing you home late.


You’ll enter a new world


Nope, not the Aladdin type of new world. It might be too geeky or dorky for you but you never know you might end up loving those comic books and cartoons. This is not only an opportunity for you to broaden your horizon, this is also an opportunity for you to make him love you even more.


They’re genuine.

Awkward Sheldon

You can be sure that a nerdy guy, though may not be as outspoken with their emotions as you’d like, will always be his genuine self. You won’t have to worry about being fooled because .. well, he’s just not that kind of guy.


You do not choose who you fall in love with, it just happens. But it wouldn’t hurt to give a potentially nice guy a chance, so don’t reject someone because of their dorky exterior. Underneath all the geekiness, he might just be the guy for you. Remember, choose whom to date wisely. Get to know him better before getting into a relationship. Make sure you can accept and love him for who he is.

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