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5 of the Most Beautiful Sights on Earth

June 24th, 2014

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Just when you thought you’ve seen everything, we beg to differ. But don’t worry, you’re still young! While you’re still able and adventurous, you should go see the world and soak up the most beautiful sights in the world. Pack your clothes and remember to bring your sunglasses, and we’ll help you figure out where to get started!

Garden of the Morning Calm

Garden of the Calm

True to its name, coming to this place will give you a sense of tranquillity with the gorgeous display of flowers. The Garden of the Morning Calm can be found at Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, about an hour ride away from Seoul. According to tourists, the best time to come visit this garden is during spring, when all the plants are in full bloom. Still, coming during the winter would not be a waste of time at all. This fairytale-like garden is remains its magical feel even when covered in snow, thanks to the beautifully colored light displays from December to March.

Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal

This place is as beautiful as the reason it was built. The Taj Mahal was created by the Mughal Emperor, Shah Jehan, to honor his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal. When his wife died, the emperor wanted to express his love for his wife to the world and therefore created this marble mausoleum. The Taj Mahal is located in India at the city of Agra, and is considered the “Crown of Palaces” and the “Jewel of Muslim art”. Because of its beauty, it is acknowledged by UNESCO as a World Heritage site.

Sea of Stars

Sea of Stars

If you have watched “The Life of Pi”, you’d be familiar with the scene where Pi was sailing through the night ocean.  During this scene the sea was glowing with beautiful lights from the sea creatures. Who’d have thought it wasn’t just cinematography but something that happens in real life! In Vaadhoo Island, located in Maldives, there is a sea call the Sea of Stars. Though it seemed as if it reflects the night sky, what actually glows are marine microbes called phytoplanktons.

Tunnel of Love

tunnel of love

Though it was made as a train tunnel, mother earth found her way to make this man made infrastructure a wonder of nature. This lovely tunnel engulfed in leaves is located in Klevan, Ukraine. If you’re travelling with your loved one, you should definitely go and have a romantic stroll through the tunnel. There is a myth surrounding this tunnel that if lovers come here to make a wish, it will come true. But don’t forget to be wary of the train that passes through this tunnel, you don’t want to get hit during your vacation!



With the unspoiled beaches and beautiful islands, Coron is the perfect destination for summer enthusiasts. Coron is located in Palawan, Philippines. The water is clean and clear, you can go swimming, snorkeling, boating, diving and island hopping . It is a good place for water activities. It’s located away from the stressful civilization and is ideal for people who needs some rest and relaxation.

There’s too much to see and so little time! There’s no better time to travel the world and see the beautiful planet we live in than now, because we never know when it’ll all be gone. See and learn the unique cultures of the places you visit. Live your life to the fullest and let each adventure become a wonderful memory you will cherish forever.


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