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10 Cool Optical Illusions that’ll Mess with your Mind

June 26th, 2014

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Not everything appears as it seems. Sometimes a second look, a third look and a fourth look is needed, but any more and it might be time for you to consider getting a pair of eyeglass frames. If so, put them on and check out these optical illusions that will definitely blow your mind:

Fish head


Have the humans started breeding with the fishes? Nope, it’s not a human body with a fish for a head. This photo was taken at the island of Koh Tao in Thailand. With a cool underwater camera and the perfect timing, Nick Kelly captured this funny but beautiful picture of his friend enjoying the sea with the fishes.

Super Saiyan Barack Obama?

Super Saiyan Obama

President Obama is not charging his super powers to hit you with a kame-hame wave. No, he isn’t a wizard and he’s definitely not threatening to hide the sun if he’s not re-elected. This unintentional yet highly entertaining photo went viral in the internet last August, 2012. The photo was taken by Carolyn Kaster while President Obama was speaking at Iowa’s Bayliss Park.

It’s all about perspective


No matter how many times you look at this photo, the first monster looks smaller right? Get a ruler and measure them or else you won’t believe that they’re exactly the same size. This photo is found in almost every Psychology book. This perspective illusion tricks your brain to perceive the second monster bigger because of the parallel lines. The parallel lines makes the second monster appear farther, therefore you assume that it is bigger.

A not so ordinary couple photo

Weird Couple Photo

It takes more than a single look to figure out what happened here. Two men sharing a moment or a man with a feminine body back hugging his hairy and muscular girlfriend? Funny how positioning is important in taking photos.


Paris Sign

Read the sign. Read it again. Yes, you love Paris but read it one more time. Notice anything? Bet you didn’t notice the extra THE. Most people overlook the extra “the” because they don’t read and pay attention to the words one by one. They quickly assume the statement is correctly written as “I love Paris in the springtime”.

Now you see it, now you don’t.

Now You See It...

This illusion is absolutely amazing. Stare at it without blinking or moving your eyes for about 30 seconds and watch it gradually disappear! It just magically fades away and turns white! This illusion is an example of the Troxler’s effect which states that if you fixate your eyes at one point, everything around this point will slowly fade.



After getting tired of planking and owling, people found new photo fads to try. Lets introduce you to horsemanning. This photo fad has to be taken by 2 people. One person hides their head and the other hides their body making it appear as if the person was beheaded. An optical illusion that’s fun to try with your friends!

Incredible street art

Street Art

It looks so realistic you’d actually feel scared to walk through it. It feels like you’d actually fall into the water. This amazing street painting can be found at Illusion World theme park in England.  The park is filled with different illusion paintings and fun rides. Definitely a must visit place.

Don’t panic!

Don't Panic!

From above there appears a woman who fell or collapsed which will cause the people from the top of the stairs to rush down in panic. When you come closer, you’ll realize it’s just a photo. This clever optical illusion was actually used by the Canadian Red cross to encourage people to learn first aid.

Just some friends hanging out

Hanging Out

Looks pretty normal until you notice the people above. These men know how to have fun on the streets.  Maybe they were just bored at home or wanted to try some camera tricks, we don’t know what inspired this photo but they definitely know what to do with their free time.

Optical illusions are always fun, there are even museums and theme parks dedicated to it such as the “Trick-eye museum” and the “World Illusion Park”. Don’t hesitate in visiting one, you’ll surely have fun. Don’t forget to bring your camera!

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